Frisco Neurosurgeon Offers Personalized Care

Brain surgery is a complex procedure dealing with a variety of elements requiring experienced and skill on many levels. When you have ongoing head or neck pain, our Frisco neurosurgeon at The Neuro & Spine Wellness Center can diagnose the problems and recommend the best treatment.

Because of the intricacies of neurosurgery, it’s paramount that you receive special care from highly skilled and intensively trained neurosurgeon. Dr. Sammy is known for always putting the needs of patients first and performing outstanding surgical procedures.

Why Do I Need Brain Surgery?

The brain controls everything from memory and cognition to voluntary and involuntary body functions. If damaged due to infection, bleeding, or trauma, the damage or alteration in brain function sometimes necessitates surgical intervention to treat or correct. Some common symptoms indicating altered or unusual brain activity may include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

The reasons in which people have brain surgery do vary, but some include concussion, tumors, stroke, or hydrocephalus. There are also cases of brain tissue alterations such as brain cancer, infections and swelling. Brain blood flow alterations are linked to conditions such as stroke, intraventricular bleed, subdural hematoma, and subarachnoid hemorrhage. Cerebrospinal fluid alterations are often symptomatic of infection or hydrocephalus.

Neurosurgeon Diagnoses Brain Conditions

At The Neuro & Spine Wellness Center, we’re here to diagnose and treat brain conditions so that they do not impede your quality of life. If you do have a brain condition, acting quickly to receive the right treatment can prevent further damage. Diagnostic tests include:

  • Thorough Medical History Evaluation
  • Physical Examination
  • CT Scan
  • MRI Scan

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If you have concerns about brain injury or troubling symptoms, please contact the The Neuro & Spine Wellness Center online or call 214-494-0455 to schedule an appointment.