Prosper Back Pain

As many people in the Prosper area can testify, having lower back pain is no laughing matter. Not only is the pain unbearable in many cases, it affects your quality of life and keeps you from living an active lifestyle. If you are somebody that suffers from spine pain as a result of illness or injury, you should know that there are solutions available to help you get back on your feet again.

When most people think about solutions for lower back pain, they automatically fear the worst. They may feel that surgery is the only option that can help them when in reality, surgery is usually the method of last resort and is very rarely more than an elective option. In many cases, reducing the pain can be made possible through a less invasive method.

Depending upon the type of spine pain you are experiencing, your doctor may have a wide variety of options available for pain management. One of those options may be an epidural steroid injection, as these are one of the more common treatment options for individuals who are suffering from lower back pain and leg pain that is associated with it. It is considered a nonsurgical method of treating back pain and it has a very specific goal.

When you are provided with an epidural steroid injection, the goal is to reduce the pain that you are experiencing and provide some relief. What many people don't realize is that it is not only the long-term relief that you may experience as a result of the steroid but the injection itself may provide some temporary relief that can help you almost immediately. It is the combination of medications that may be in the injection that provide those dual benefits.

prosper back painRehabilitation as an alternative to Prosper Epidural Injections

Although an epidural steroid injection may be suggested by your physician, it may not be the only suggestion that they have to control your pain. At times, there may also be a rehabilitation program that is quite comprehensive and the benefits of taking part in such a program can be life-changing. That type of rehabilitation may include exercises you do at home or perhaps along with a physical therapist professional. In either case, it can help to stretch out that part of your back, strengthen the muscles in the area and help you to be mobile once again.

Along with the benefits that are available with an epidural steroid injection, there may also be some drawbacks that are associated with them as well. Perhaps one thing that needs to be considered is the fact that an injection is only a temporary means to an end. It can provide the pain relief that will help you to feel comfortable, but the pain relief is not going to be permanent. Most epidural steroid injections may bring about some pain relief for anywhere from one week up to a year or perhaps more.

As a result of the temporary benefit of pain relief associated with epidural steroid injections, many doctors in the Prosper area will only recommend them if you're having an acute attack of leg or back pain. The pain relief that is associated with the injection is not only going to help you to be more comfortable, it will also allow you to take part in any rehabilitative activities that will help to provide more permanent solutions to your problem. Those rehabilitative activities may include exercise and stretching.

If you have an injection and the relief is limited, your physician may recommend that you have additional injections to provide longer-lasting relief. In many cases, you can have up to three injections in any given year, although your physician may have different recommendations for you.

Most people who receive an epidural steroid injection receive it for issues with the lower back. Those types of injections may also be beneficial for pain that is experienced in the area of the neck or even in the thoracic spine region.

In the Prosper area, you can contact The Neuro & Spine Wellness Center for information about how we can help you to get the relief you need. We will take a look at your situation on an individual basis so that an accurate diagnosis can be provided and the proper options for relief may be given. At times, this can include an epidural steroid injection, although we may also recommend other types of noninvasive procedures. In rare cases, surgery may be necessary and we have the skill necessary to care for your needs in that way as well.