Plano Spine Pain

Spine pain is such a common problem and it is something that many of us experience, at times on an ongoing basis. Although it may be a common issue, it is also something that is commonly misunderstood. In fact, there are a number of myths about back pain that you would do well to avoid. Understanding the truth about the pain you're experiencing may not only help you find a solution, it may actually help you to avoid back pain in the future.

Myth 1: Mattresses

Many people will tell you that it is necessary to have a firm mattress in order to avoid back pain or to reduce the amount of pain that you are experiencing. This has become so common in the Plano area that many people have purchased a firm mattress for that very reason. The fact of the matter is, however, if you want to choose a mattress that is going to help with back pain, you need to shoot for one that is balanced. If it is too firm, it can put additional pressure on the shoulders and hips and lead to back pain. If it is too soft, it may not be providing enough support to allow for the necessary movement during the night.

Myth 2: Sit up Straight

Our posture can certainly have an effect on our spine health, but if you are experiencing back pain, sitting up straight may not be the solution that you think it is. When you sit up straight for an extended amount of time, it can lead to strain on the lower back and additional back pain. Of course, slouching or hunching over can also be bad for the back. The most important thing is to ensure that you stretch regularly, getting up and taking a break from time to time.

Myth 3: Exercise

Some people will be quick to tell you that spine pain is the result of exercise, but that is certainly not true. Of course, balance needs to be considered in this regard as well. If you lead a fairly inactive lifestyle and you suddenly decide to jump in as a weekend warrior, back pain can certainly be a problem. Regular exercise, on the other hand, can help to strengthen the back and the muscles that support it.

Myth 5: Sudden Problems

Have you ever thought that back pain comes from a single wrong movement, such as lifting something improperly? Although your back may have started hurting when you did something similar, it is likely the result of an inactive lifestyle and injury that occurs over time. There may be times when the spine pain is associated with a specific injury, such as a slip and fall accident or automobile accident.

Myth 6: Surgery Is Necessary

Perhaps one of the most devastating myths is that surgery is going to be necessary to remove your problem with back pain. This keeps a lot of people from going to a spine doctor in the first place, and they miss out on the possibility of solutions that could assist them. At times, a physical therapy or exercise program can be established or perhaps some medication can be given that would help until your body is able to recover.

plano spine painSurgery should be a last resort option to Plano Spine Pain

Spine surgery is only ever recommended when other types of treatments are not able to correct the problem. It is also an issue that is only associated with very few people who have spine problems in first place. There are a number of noninvasive procedures, including injections that may be able to help. If spine surgery is recommended, your physician will review the options with you before it is done.

Many people who want to know the truth about their back pain in the Plano area contact The Neuro & Spine Wellness Center for the information they need. It is vital to recognize that getting a proper diagnosis is the first step in the process, and only after a diagnosis is given will there be solutions that are offered.

There is no need to continue to suffer with spine pain, as there is likely a solution that will help to resolve the issue. At times, it may be possible to get some relief through a spinal injection or through a recommended course of physical therapy, bed rest or anti-inflammatory drugs. At other times, surgery may be required but it is an elective surgery that will be discussed in depth with you before anything is completed.