Foraminal Stenosis Frisco TX

Foraminal stenosis is a condition that is similar to spinal stenosis and it affects one or more areas in the spine.

Foraminal stenosis repair

Forminal stenosis
Although Foraminal stenosis is similar to spinal stenosis, it also includes the nerves and the holes that are located on the side of the spine. The way that this condition is treated by the professionals at The Neuro & Spine Wellness Center is minimally invasive and occurs through a 7 mm incision. Using that incision, we are able to block the pain and we do so without the use of expandable retractors. This allows for faster healing of the body because the back muscles are not damaged.

Definition of Foraminal stenosis

Even though Foraminal stenosis is similar to spinal stenosis, there are some differences. If you were to take a look at a normal spine, the nerves have enough room to slip through the gaps of the spine. When those gaps become clogged, however, it can cause a compression of the nerves which is known as Foraminal stenosis. This tends to occur as a result of debris filling those gaps as we age.

Symptoms of Foraminal stenosis

  • Spinal weakness
  • A burning, stinging or tingling sensation in the arms and legs
  • Numbness