Frisco Discectomy

A Discectomy is a type of procedure that we perform at The Neuro & Spine Wellness Center in which a microscope is used to view the nerves and the disc that is experiencing problems. In giving the surgeon a larger view of the area, it allows for a smaller incision and is a type of procedure that is considered a minimally invasive surgical procedure. There are many benefits to using this type of procedure that are experienced by the patient, including less damage to surrounding tissue and faster recovery times.

When you have a Discectomy, the area of the disc that has become herniated is going to be removed, as it may be pushing into the spinal canal and causing problems. If there are any loose fragments that exist from the disc, these are also going to be removed.

It may also be that the bone (the lamina) that is a problem with the vertebrae may also be removed, although this is not always going to take place. If that occurs, it is referred to as a laminectomy. Removing the bone helps the surgeon to see the herniated disc more clearly.

Why is Discectomy performed?

This type of surgical procedure can help to reduce the pain and can restore your normal range of motion and day-to-day function.