Bulging Disc Repair Frisco

The condition known as a bulging disc is related to the spine and although it can occur in any area of the spine, it generally occurs in the lower back. It takes place when the disc is bulging through a crevice that is in the spine.

How we handle bulging disc repair

A bulging disc is similar to a herniated disc and it often requires surgery. Although some of the more invasive types of surgical procedures will strip away the muscles to expose your spine, The Neuro & Spine Wellness Center uses minimally invasive procedures that will help to preserve the back muscles and reduce the problems that may be associated. One of the ways in which bulging discs are treated is with a laser procedure. In addition, we do not use expandable retractors like others who claim to offer minimally invasive surgery. Rather, we use a small camera that is inserted through a 3 - 7 mm incision so it can be treated with a laser. This helps to decrease recovery time.

Definition of a bulging disc

The bulging disc that you are experiencing typically occurs in the lower back and it is a problem when the disc, which is a protective barrier between the vertebrae through a crevice that is in the spine. This typically occurs when the disc is outside of its normal radius and is commonly associated with age.

Unlike a herniated disc, a bulging disc occurs over the course of time. A herniated disc on the other hand often happens suddenly because of injury or trauma. Most people who have a problem with a bulging disc do not have any pain associated with the issue unless it is protruding into a nerve or becomes herniated.

In a number of cases, the bulging disc that you are experiencing is given as a secondary diagnosis along with another problem. That is because it does not typically cause you pain so it is often recognized during some type of diagnostic imaging task taken for another reason. Unless it causes pain, becomes herniated or ruptures, it is unlikely that you're going to have to treat a bulging disc.

Symptoms of a bulging disc

Although many people with a bulging disc do not experience any discomfort, there may be some pain that is associated with the problem. This pain can occur in the feet or legs or it may occur in the arms as well as any other part of the body.